Gate 7 is a trusted and global supplier of high quality and high-performance decals.


Custom industrial decals and printed components

Developed bespoke to your requirements, industry regulations, and required lead times, we can supply decals and printed components to any size, specification and for any surface.

This includes safety critical, warning and instructional decals; branded livery, machinery and equipment decals; reflective decals and plates; VIN/PIN plates; anti-slip; Polycarbonates and Pentawhites; ultra-destruct security decals and domed decals.

Superior engineered vinyl

As part of our commitment to world class manufacturing and continuous improvement, we designed and developed the SEVseries, a unique product range of Superior Engineered Vinyls. In the SEVseries, we have developed and rigorously tested component parts that when combined, exceed market demand in quality, performance and importantly remains competitive in price.

SEV, which launched to our customer base worldwide in 2013, following two years of development, features on some of the world’s biggest OEM’s material specifications.

Our materials

Products are created using our in-house screen printing and advanced digital technologies on a variety of base materials including self-adhesive vinyl, polyester, polycarbonate and polypropylene. In addition, we can also provide printed stainless steel and anodised aluminium.

We strive for a minimum 5–7-year outdoor life from all our materials with superior chemical, UV and abrasion resistance.