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Gate7 Launches SEV

SEV logo
On completion of an extensive 18 month R&D programme, Gate7 are proud to launch the new SEVseries, a unique product range of Superior Engineered Vinyls.

Through internal and external testing the research programme allowed for a wide range of components to be rigorously tested, to create a combination of high performance products unique to Gate7.  

Chairman, Keith Wickham says "Our team of experts here at Gate7 have realised a 10 year vision of a product tailored to our customers needs, it is exceptional what we have achieved”   

SEV (Superior Engineered Vinyl), supported by market leading vinyl manufacturer Mactac, will ensure Gate7s customers branding and safety decals will perform on machines for 5-7 years. 

Operations Manager, George Heads says " SEV series vinyl represents Gate7’s commitment to surpassing customer expectations through continuous improvement and innovation. I feel proud to be part of a team offering products and services which ensure that our customers are enthusiastic about working with the Gate7 Group”

It is part of Gate7s commitment to world class manufacturing and continuous improvement that has driven the company to develop such a unique product that exceeds market demands in quality, performance and price. 

If you require any further information on our product then please make your enquiry through the contact us page.

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