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Gate7 and Nazdar certify relationship

Gate 7 and Nazdar
Nazdar Certificate
Gate7 has been presented with a certificate of conformity by Nazdar Inks, the only certificate of its kind ever issued.

Gate7 and Nazdar have worked very closely over the past 18 months to secure investment in new machinery, implement process improvements and conduct extensive testing to ensure the highest quality print finish every time.

Our combined efforts have put Gate7 in a unique position where Nazdar can certify the optimum performance of its ink systems when handled by Gate7 and guarantee its outdoor performance when printed onto the SEVseries, Gate7s unique range of Superior Engineered Vinyl's.

 "We at Nazdar are very pleased to be able to award Gate7 with our Certificate of Conformity in relation to printing long life outdoor inks. Gate7 has invested in new machinery, production procedures and work practises to achieve this award. We are as proud as Gate7 should be with this award as it's the very first off its kind to have been issued to any company outside of the USA.   Well done all." says Darren Constable of Nazdar.

Our customers demand a high performance product and this final development with Nazdar has finalised an 18 month project to provide Gate7 with a product portfolio that out performs the market.  And most importantly we can prove it!

Chris Balmain, Gate7 Production manager says "The process of curing UV ink is notoriously difficult and requires the right machinery, personnel and controls to ensure the optimum output in production.  All the development we have done with Nazdar has been invaluable to the team and given us added confidence in our products performance".

The strategic partnerships that we have developed with our suppliers has given Gate7 the confidence and validation of quality, control and performance.

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