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Gate 7 Managing Director Kate Wickham awarded MBE for Services to Export and Outward Investment.

Keith Wickham, Kate’s father and Chairman of Gate 7 said "it takes a lot of guts to travel the world and Kate is a resolute and courageous traveller, making business trips alone to each corner of Europe as well as to India and America. This is why I am so proud that she has been awarded an MBE. Exporting for a manufacturing business is not an easy option!The honour will without doubt help Kate with her vision for growth and expansion of the Gate 7 Group, through its manufacturing sites in the UK and America. Gate 7 was honoured with a Queens Award for Export some years ago and since Kate has become MD, she has built on the strategy that led to that award.


Kates family of two brothers, two sisters and parents Audrey and Keith Wickham were able to attend the investiture and see Princess Anne honour Kate with the award and engage Kate in a detailed conversation about her role in industry.


Kate Wickham said "this honour will without doubt help with our vision for the growth and expansion of the Gate 7 group, through our manufacturing sites in the UK and America. Despite the uncertainties of World economics, we have steered the company into a position of solid financial foundations and established a focus that should enable growth and prosperity to flourish from the blue chip client base that is served by the company. I am especially thrilled and honoured to receive the MBE from Princess Anne and to have shared this experience with my family. It was an incredible day at Buckingham Palace with all the tradition and glamour you would expect. Everyone really went the extra mile to make the experience very formal and professional. I met some really wonderful people who had achieved amazing things in their lives and it was a further honour to be standing with them for such an occasion.


International trade advisor John Doolan said "Gate 7 have worked with DIT/UKTI for many years developing international markets. Kate has been a driving force behind the company’s export success, resulting in not only increased sales to existing clients, but also grown the business into new markets increasing its international customer base”.


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